Check Domain Transfer Status

To check the status of a domain transfer, please do the following:
  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to Domaisn -> My Domains
  3. Statuses of Transfers will be shown under the "Pending Domain Transfers" section of the domains page.

Status Definitions
  • Transfer Pending - Awaiting Release by Current Registrar
    • The transfer was successfully submitted to the registrar system, given codes (if any) passed checks, and validation checks passed .  Domain will be ready for management within usually 7 days .
  • Canceled - Domain is locked at current registrar, or is not yet 60 days old
      • The transfer was canceled because the domain's registrar lock is set and needs to be disabled at the old registrar
      • Or the domain was recently renewed, registered, or other changes that require a grace period
    • Please contact us if your domain has this status as we may have to resubmit the transfer on our side.
  • Canceled - Invalid EPP/authorization key - Please contact current registrar to obtain correct key
      • The EPP or authorization key was not accepted by the old registrar.  This can happen if the key expires, if there was a space after the key from copying it, or some other reason.
    • Please contact us if your domain has this status as we may have to resubmit the transfer on our side.  When you contact us, please supply a newly generated EPP code.
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