Protect your Inbox from spam, phishing, viruses and other email based risks

Spam is good fried, but not in your mail. .

Spamexperts Incoming Filtering

Incoming e-mail filter to catch spam and other unwanted junk mail. Service is spread among multiple data centers to ensure a 99.99% SMTP Uptime SLA. Spamexperts has a high catch rate while having a low false positives rating. You can use any SMTP mail server as the destination / final mail server.

Spamexperts Reseller 10
  • 10 Domain Limit
PMG Mail Filter

Mail filtering powered by Proxmox Mail Gateeway . Provides anti-spam and anti-virus protection in a cloud solution. Acts as a middle man between the Internet and the mail server. Changing where mail is delivered to is easy and updates fast -- reducing migration delays caused by DNS propagation.