Transfer a domain away from us

Before transferring a domain away from us, you need the EPP code and unlocking of the domain's registrar lock.  Please do the following to complete those:

  1. Login to the client area -
  2. Go to Domains --> My Domains
  3. Find the domain and click "manage domain" button on the right of the domain
  4. Go to "Manage" menu --> Get EPP code
    1. if the option is not shown, the domain does not require a EPP
  5. Unlock the domain via the "Registrar Lock" -> unlock domain button.  Requesting the EPP should also unlock the domain.
  6. Go to the new registrar and do their transfer of domain process.  Please see their help docs for their transfer process.
    1. If an EPP code is required, you would enter it during this process at their side
  7. At this point the transfer process is in their hands and nothing is required on our side.  

NOTE: Some domains, such as, require retagging and that is done at the domain's authority -- nominet for example for domains.  However, we can do retagging if needed by submitting a supporr ticket.

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