Canceling your account

We are sorry to see you go and understand that not all relationships work out.  Sometimes we can correct the reason that you are canceling for and so would appreciate you contacting us before canceling.   If you do decide to cancel, please do the following:

  1. Login to your billing account --
  2. Go to Services --> My Services
  3. Find the service and click "View Details" or "Manage"
    1. If "View Details" is not shown, click on the status icon on the right side of the list
  4. Under the management actions tab, click "Request cancellation"
  5. Please fill out the reason for the cancel so that we can improve our services by learning from you. 

If you encounter any issues with the above, please open a ticket with the billing department.

NOTE: Dedicated/VPS/Cloud hosting services require one billing cycle or 30 days, which ever is longer, notice before a cancel request will processed unless otherwise excepted by management

Domains do not require cancel requests as they can be set to not renew and will effectively cancel themselves out when they expire.  Letting a domain expire is the only way to cancel a domain.

  1. Login to the billing account --
  2. Go to Domains --> My Domains
  3. Find the domain and click "Manage domain"
  4. Switch to the "auto renew" tab and click "disable auto renew" .
  5. When the auto renew is disabled, the domain will not renew and will expire at the end of the registration.

I transferred my domain / changed nameservers or moved else where, why is my account still active?

As accounts can still hold services, data, etc it is standard practice in the hosting industry to not cancel accounts when domains are transferred or nameservers are changed.  Hosts have no way to determine if a client wants to cancel, continue to use the service for other items, etc and as such the service is kept active until we are contacted directly by ticket or the above processes.  This is different, for example, then porting your phone number from one carrier to another, as there are no remaining items at the old carrier for them to worry about removing.
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