Setting up a Let's Encrypt SSL (hsphere only) - Free SSL

Let's encrypt is a free SSL certificate that can be used on your website to secure logins for example.  They expire every 90 days, however are renewed automatically by the web server.  They do not offer any warranties as a standard SSL.  No seals are offered with let's encrypt, though additional scanner seals can be used.  The same encryption methods are used as a regular / standard SSL that is purchased.

The following information relates to using let's encrypt with the hsphere control panel.  Other control panel's we have will have different methods.

To use Let's encrypt:

  1. Create a blank file called ".useLetsEncrypt" (note the period at the start) in the main directory for the website
    • This file can created via the file manager or simply upload via FTP
  2. Wait 10 to 15 minutes for the configuration changes to take place.
  3. Test the SSL by going to where is your domain
  4. If any errors are given or otherwise does not appear to work, please contact support. 

Let's encrypt will work even if you do not have a dedicated IP assigned to the website.  This is done via SNI, Server Name Indication, a method of telling the encryption end point what domain we're connecting with.  In the past a dedicated IP was needed as encryption methods did not know what domain was being accessed.  NOTE: regular SSLs require a dedicated IP at this time due to hsphere's design limitations.

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