Logging in to the Reader

To login our Tiny Tiny RSS reader:
  1. Login at https://reader.u2-web.com/ with the same login that you use at https://u2-web.com/clientarea/  -- should be an email address
    • If you would like to use a sub account to login instead of your primary or would like to give others access:
      1. Login to the client area (https://u2-web.com/clientarea/ )
      2. Go to Account -> Contacts / Sub-accounts  ( https://u2-web.com/clientarea/?action=contacts )
      3. Select "Add new contact" in the contact menu
      4. Put in the required information for the contact
      5. Check the "Activate sub account" checkbox
      6. Save the contact
      7. If you would like to provide this sub account with additional permissions, such as viewing your services, you can set those after saving the new contact.
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Tiny Tiny RSS Support

If you need help with using TTR, please submit a ticket and we will try our best to help with it.