Change Domain Alias to Domain with redirect

Domain aliases allow for aliasing other domains and for best SEO results, a redirect is done.  Sometimes you may find that a domain alias is limiting and it is needed to change to a regular domain while keeping the redirect in place.

To change a domain alias to a regular domain with a redirect, please complete the following steps within the Plesk control panel.

  1. Remove the domain as an alias via the "Remove domain alias" under the domain's info section in Plesk -> Websites and domains
  2. Add the domain via the "Add domain" at the top of websites and domains.
  3. Pick an existing webspace if given the option - otherwise continue to next step
  4. Select "Forwarding" under the Website type menu
  5. Under Forwarding settings,
    1. Put in the redirect to address in to the "Destination address" field
    2. Select 301 redirect for redirect / forwarding type
      1. If, however, you you want to keep the address bar as the domain, select "Frame forwarding" instead.  An html page with an iframe will be used instead of a standard redirect.
  6. Click Add Domain and wait for the configuration to reload

If the website type menu is not given, please add the domain and then go to the "Hosting Settings" page of the domain within the Plesk control panel and click "Change" under the website type.  You will then see the website / hosting type menu and the same steps above apply .  This also applies to an existing domain.


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