Wordpress Header and Footer Restoring - Elementor

If you deleted or some how the header and footer of your wordpress site goes missing, using these steps may help.  This presumes you are using Elementor. 

  1. Clone the site to a staging location
  2. Restore the production database from a previous backup to the staging's database
  3. Reset the site's URL via the Wordpress toolkit, if available, or other methods to the staging url
  4. Login to the staging version of the site
  5. Go to Elementor -> Tools -> Export / import kits
  6. Hit Start Export
  7. Uncheck all checkboxs on the next page except for "Templates"
    1. make sure "Templates" checkbox is checked
  8. Hit Export and save the resulting file to your downloads folder on your computer
  9. Take another backup of your production site
  10. Login to your production site
  11. Go to Elementor -> Tools -> Export / Import Kit
  12. Hit Start Import
  13. Select the kit file you downloaded
  14. Check only "Header" and "Footer" checkboxs -- no other checkboxes should be checked
  15. Hit start import
  16. Your header and footer should now be restored fully. 
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