We are excited to introduce two factor authentication for our client area logins.  Two factor authentication ensures your account is secure even if someone compromises your password. This system uses time based, one time passwords that are generated via HOTP tokens (HMAC-based One-time Password). These tokens can be generated via Google Authenticator on your android / iPhone or OATH Tokens on iPhone or any other source that generates OATH / HOTP based tokens

Two factor authentication works by you syncing with our authentication system to a token generator.  This is done via a barcode that you scan via your phone or you can type in a code. Then each time you login, it will ask for a token after you submit a successful password. This requires something you know, the password, and something that could never be guessed, the token. As it requires both in order to login, it is assured that only you can login.

To see how to setup two factor authentication for your account, please see this knowledgebase article.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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