The sendmail/php mail functions have been disabled on web6 due to an automated security layer update.  This change has been long coming, though it wasn't expected this soon, and most customers are already using SMTP authentication to send out mail from their scripts.  Using SMTP authentication is also best for mail delivery as mail filters will generally down-rank mail sent by scripts/sendmail .  This change prevents or at least aids in tracking down abuse from spammers exploiting scripts to send out comment spam email notices, user registrations, and other such emails that scripts send out but can be changed.  If you are using the php mail functions in your scripts, most times it is just changing a setting within the script to use SMTP authentication and the login information.  You would use the same information, though a dedicated mailbox, that you use for an email client.   Please see for an example script using SMTP authentication via the phpmailer class.  If you need help with this switchover, please let us know.

We apologize for the short notice of this change.

Please see for information on how to use SMTP authentication with some of the popular scripts and general info .

A per account workaround on this issue has been created and applied to all accounts.  However, again, using SMTP authentication for scripts will be required in the near future without any workarounds available.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

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