Selecting PHP version

Selecting PHP versions can be done by doing the following:

  1. Login to the control panel ( )
  2. Go to Domain settings -> Web options
  3. If you have multiple domains, click the domain name
  4. Once on the web options page, find "PHP"
  5. Click the edit icon under PHP mode . php mode on web options
  6. Select the PHP version that you would like to use
  7. On the web options page, click "Apply" under the "Server configuration" section at the top of the page. server configuration
  8. If this site has a mysql database, the mysql user's password hash needs to be updated:
    1. Go to Databases -> MySQL -> MySQL DBs
    2. Find the database in the list
    3. Click the "Change password" button
    4. Type in a temp password, select Long Hash and submit
    5. Click the "Change Password" button again
    6. Type in the real password
    7. Select "Long" under the "MySQL Password hash length" section
    8. Submit
  9. After about 10 minutes, the configuration will reload at the web server and the new version will be in use.
  10. Check the site and it should be running. 
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